Blue Bells Model School, Sec-4, Gurgaon has been accredited with the British Council International Award 2018-21. The award has been conferred for the strides that Blue Bells has made in enriching teaching -learning processes by grooming teachers and students into global mentors and pupils.

To build on our years of experience and our rich repository of human resource; to constantly integrate the emergent best practices of education into our system; to stay amongst the best schools and spread it to other geographical locations. Our Mission is to contribute to cognitive, emotional and physical development of children; to help them positively integrate with the professional and social environment as balanced individuals; to facilitate them to excel in an area of their interest and choice and have a fulfilling life.


The school has come a long way and has become a name to reckon with. This would not have been possible without the support of our true ambassadors – our Alumni ! We are proud of our alumni who have moved on and are now establishing the alumni brand across the World.

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Our Proud Parents

Parents are our partners in the journey towards excellence. We welcome all parents to participate on this platform and share their experiences.

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Blue Bells in the News

We are in the news… for all the good things that are making us shine even brighter. We are happy to share the news coverage wherein Blue Bells Model School was featured for its achievements.

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Picture Gallery

Life isn’t perfect but it has perfect moments that can be captured today to make it memorable for years to come. The picture gallery invites you to have a glimpse of the treasurable moments at Blue Bells Model School.

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Programmes at Blue Bells

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything learned in school. Blue Bells Model School carries out various programmes to enrich students’ lives and character. Click above to read about some of these prominent programmes being conducted at the school.

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Health Advisory

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything. The School aims at the well-being of the students. It continues to provide a regular health advisory as per the climate change and other health issues.

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