Global Connect

Blue Bells Model School encourages the students to develop the spirit of Internationalism to seek out, discover and embrace the similarities and differences between cultures and nationalities in ways that promote meaningful and lasting understanding and respect. 

We promote international understanding through exposing students to ideas and concepts from different cultures and countries, by challenging them to understand and tackle real-world issues, and by connecting them with other students from all nationalities, through online forums, webinars, Skype sessions and zoom. 

The global themes are embedded in the regular curriculum thus giving fresh insights to new teaching-learning ways in a one-world perspective through – 

· Leadership 

· Teambuilding 

· Innovation 

· Collaboration 

· Critical thinking 

· Empathy 

Our international activities are designed ad conducted in a safe and structured manner throughout the session in context to practice – 

· New skills in Information & Communications Technology (ICT) 

· Transdisciplinary and Universal approach 

· Connect with online community that provides a platform to all for exchange of ideas 

· Opens a window to other countries and cultures, giving teachers and students a new outlook on the world 

· Prepares students with skills for life and work in a global economy, opening their eyes to new opportunities 

· Develop a new globally conscious ethos