School History

Education is transformational. It changes lives. That is why the human society has worked so hard to become educated and why education has been the key to our dreams. The inception of Blue Bells Model School was conceptualized 42 years from now to usher in such transformational changes in education. The thoughts were challenging and the journeying on untrodden paths enigmatic, but the commitment and conviction of our Founder members, Shri B.D. Gulati Ji-Founder Chairperson, Shri Mahesh Chandra Ji- Chairman and Founder Principal and Director- Dr. Saroj Suman Gulati, was beyond all boundaries as their dream while initiating this institution was not to follow traditions but to challenge the traditions by ushering in transformational changes in education.

The year 1980 marked a revolutionary change in how education was being imparted in the already existing schools of Gurgaon. With hardly any quality English medium schools, the town was still upcoming. Moving ahead from the traditional Black & Board teaching to Activity based learning and struggling to change the mind sets of this traditional town was an uphill task. Providing new wave training to the faculty, so that impetus is on concept building and not rote-learning was not easy going. Having faith in the righteousness of their purpose, our honoured Founder members forged ahead, braving all odds, and thus came up an institution whose new wave pedagogy received appreciation when parents observed phenomenal changes in how their children were being groomed as wholesome personalities. The paradigm shift from mere cognitive growth to Holistic development was an eye-opener. With due impetus on academic excellence and enhancement of soft skills, every pupil was motivated to explore the ‘Self’ and due recognition was given to their inherent potentials and unique talents.

Having a far-sighted and futuristic vision, it was ardently envisioned that children need to be future ready, as the world was heading towards globalization. Polishing the communication skills was thus the need of the hour and sincere efforts were initiated towards this prospect. Blue Bellians soon started getting recognition as exemplary orators and won laurels for their alma-mater by competing in varied competitions in Delhi- NCR.

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