Progressive Curriculum

We at Blue Bells Model School firmly believe in nurturing students as empowered leaders of tomorrow and with this sole vision create a student community which is creative, proficient, and problem solver in their field of study and adequately prepare students for the real world of work. Inclusion of new practices of teaching – learning is focused on innovative models for the provision of high-quality, collaborative, engaging, and motivating education.

Our teaching-learning engagements involve students in their learning using different activities such as reading, writing, discussion, or problem solving, which promote analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of class content and engages students in two aspects, i.e., doing things and thinking about the things they are doing. In addition, the students engage in the assessment and feedback process.

Unique Features of Primary Wing Curriculum (III-V)

Our Primary Curriculum is a rich blend of traditions and modernity. We take up an integrated 360-degree learning approach which build 21st century skills among learners. The curriculum ensures that there is vertical and horizontal progression across subjects and grades.

We have adopted various innovative teaching learning practices to make learning interesting, interactive, and experiential. Some of the regular teaching strategies used in our classrooms are-

· Group Discussions

· Role Plays

· Flipped Classroom

· Puppet Show

· SDG Mapped Teaching

· ICT Enabled Activities

Inter School Events like Theme Based Assemblies, Inter-House competitions, Literary Fest, Summer Camp, Edu carnival are regularly conducted towards empowering our young students for citizens of tomorrow.

Unique features of Middle Wing Curriculum (VI-X)

Our curriculum at Middle Wing (Grade VI to X) is a holistic model following CBSE enriched syllabus, transacted through innovative teaching practices. In an ongoing effort towards progressive learning, Blue Bells Model School has always believed in keeping its flagship high with a clear vision aligned with 21st century skills and with this in view our focus lies on –

· Assimilation and application of conceptual knowledge

· Theme-based Trans- disciplinary Approach

· Sharing ideas and resources

· Integration of life skills and incorporation of ICT Skills

· Value based learning across all disciplines

· Art integration including visual and performing arts

· Learner generated (Research and enquiry based)

· Reflective practice

The school curates their pedagogy to meet the students’ needs and ensures that the faculty receives upgraded training regularly. Rigorous learning goals are set by drawing upon knowledge of content areas, curriculum, cross-disciplinary skills and pedagogy. Regular assessments are used to monitor learner’s progress and to guide the teachers to work on the improvement strategies.

The emphasis is on acquiring in-depth conceptual knowledge through research-based learning which are enriched by:

· Collaborative learning

· Discussion, case-study &brainstorming

· Role play

· Games involving simulation of imaginary situations

· Problem-based teaching

· Projects (individual or group)

· Peer teaching

· Debates

· Short demonstrations followed by class discussion

· Lab visits

Unique Features of Senior Wing Curriculum (XI-XII)

The core emphasis underlying the teaching- learning processes at the Senior Secondary level is to empower our students to be future ready by making right career choices and prepare them for specialized courses to face the challenges of the competitive world.

We assist students through –

Concept Enrichment through Practical Exposure

· Research based Projects

· Group Discussions

· ICT supported classes

· Subject Enrichment and Doubt –clearing Sessions

· Flexible use of whole-class, group, and pair-work where students discuss a shared task

· Open and closed questioning, expanding responses, encouraging student questioning

· Frequent and relevant use of learning materials beyond the textbooks

We not only nurture academically but also made the students ready to face the competitive world by providing real-life experiences which make it easy to make the right decisions at the right moment.

· We design the curriculum in such a way that also supports the students in preparing for the entrances to the colleges/ universities

· We do conduct various activities to ace the level of excellence in academics

· One on One guidance through online/ offline support to fill the gap in learning

· Constant Uploading of the learning materials for easy access as per requirement

· Session by professional experts in exploring the subject area to better prepare for the Entrance Test