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  • Our transport Management System covers almost all prime areas of Gurgaon city. For safety reasons, every bus route has a teacher and an attendant accompanying children till the last stop.
  • Parents who wish to avail the bus facility for their ward must contact school’s Accounts Office along with the Fee Booklet. They are required to duly complete the Consent Form and get the Bus Fee endorsed on their Fee Booklet. Parents are suggested to refrain from arranging rikshaws as a means of commuting to school to ensure the safety and security of their wards.
  • Bus charges will be paid quarterly along with the school fee.
  • Bus routes are fixed and are not normally changed.
  • Although all precautions are taken to ensure the safety of the students travelling in buses, the school cannot be held responsible for any injury or mishap or death in case of an accident.
  • Bus facility once availed shall not be curtailed before the end of the session. Permission to curtail bus facility, if availed, shall be granted only due to change in locality in case the locality is not on route of the buses.
  • In case a student wishes to withdraw the transport facility, specifically only due to the above mentioned reason, a written request giving one month notice will have to be submitted to the Principal, failing which one month’s fee shall be charged in lieu of the notice period.
  • The management reserves the right of amending or revising the transportation charges due to hike in taxes or price of petrol or diesel without any prior notice to the parents.
  • Transport facility is extended as a privilege and cannot be claimed as a right. It can be withdrawn any time due to any emergency. Certainly the student’s convenience will be kept in mind but it cannot be claimed legally. In case of sudden breakdown of the vehicles, parents will be requested to make their own arrangements whenever required. Your kind co-operation will be solicited.
  • Students from class XII availing bus facility shall be exempted from payment of bus fee only for the month of March. They shall not be entitled to the bus facility for commuting to Board Center.