School Uniform

Uniform Rules

In order to, maintain parity, the school uniform shall be made available at the uniform counter in the school premises.

Students will be expected to wear the prescribed House Uniform as follows:    

Classes VI to XII  – Thursday

Classes III to V  – Wednesday.

Students will be expected to wear the prescribed Sports Uniform as follows:

Classes III to V       –          Monday
Classes VI to VIII  –           Friday
Classes IX to XII    –          Wednesday


Blue uniform to be worn on following days  

Classes III to V       –          Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
Classes VI to VII    –          Monday to Wednesday
Classes IX to XII    –         Monday, Tuesday & Friday

  • It is mandatory for girls studying in classes up to VIII to wear trousers instead of skirts as a part of winter uniform.
  • Students are expected to report to school in flawless school uniform.
  • The prescribed uniform must be worn by the students on the specified days.
  • Parents are requested to purchase the uniform as per the required size of their ward for well – fitting clothes add to the personality and smartness of the students.
  • Parents are suggested to maintain the school uniform properly and see that their ward comes to school neatly dressed. Students wearing low waist trousers/short skirts shall be strictly dealt with.
  • Parents are suggested to purchase ribbons and hair bands from school counter to maintain parity.
  • Students reporting to school in improper uniform will be dealt with strictly -Boys maintaining unkempt hair will have their hair cut by a barber. A penalty of Rs. 100/- will be charged from the students. 

NOTE: The prescribed uniform for respective classes shall be on display at the Uniform Counter. Please contact the same for further details.

  • Students must have a clean handkerchief.  
  • Shoes must be polished every day.
  • Wearing of bindi, ornaments, fancy clips & mehndi is prohibited.  
  • Nails must be trimmed properly, short and clean. Use of nail – enamel, is prohibited.
  • Proper hair-cut to be maintained.
  • Simple & small ear – rings only may be worn. Students and parents will be responsible for any loss.
  • Watches, if worn, are the responsibility of the students.
  • Students are prohibited from carrying mobile phones to school. Mobiles phone from defaulters will be confiscated.
  • Students must not commute to school on two wheelers or cars. Vehicles will be confiscated from defaulters.


General Information