Examination and Evaluation

Education, as a planned endeavour , should aim at making children capable of becoming active , responsible , productive and caring members of the society. It is therefore, deemed essential that it must promote and nourish a wide range of capacities and skills in learners.

Examination Pattern-Primary Wing

Evaluation Scheme for Classes III-V

The Evaluation System in the school is a Bi-directional process between teacher and student to enhance, recognize and respond to the learning.

  • Following the CBSE directives, the Primary Wing awards ‘Grades’ instead of marks.
  • The academic session is divided into two terms – I Term from April to September and II Term from October to March.
  • Periodic Assessments are conducted on weekly basis.
  • Continuous assessment of the student is maintained on the basis of two written assessments in each term.
  • In class III, students are assessed in four main subjects i.e. English Hindi, Maths and E.V.S. 
  • In classes IV and V, students are assessed in five main subjects i.e. English Hindi, Maths and Science and Social Science. For subjects like G.K. and Computer also two assessments are conducted in each term.
  • The performance in all the four assessments of both the terms is consolidated at the end of the session in the form of a final Progress Report.
  • Assignments, activities, spell-check, projects/ models and orals are regularly conducted along with the written Assessments.
  • Grades are awarded for Arts, Music, Sports, Yoga/Aerobics and Clubs.
  • Students are given Practice and Online assignments also to enhance    their concepts.

Classes VI to X: The examination for academic year 2017-18 will be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure following the latest CBSE directives for classes VI –X which includes three major categories i.e. Scholastic ,  Co scholastic and Discipline

Each Session comprises of two Terms:

Term 1: April to September

Term 2: October to March

Assessment Structure

  • The students would be assessed on a continuous basis through series of Periodic Tests and Term. 
  • Pen and paper assessment will be conducted as per the following schedule – Unit Test1, Pre Mid Term, Mid Term, Unit Test 2, Post Mid Term and Annual. Pre Mid Term, Mid Term and Post Mid Term will form the components of Internal.




Each academic year would be divided into two terms:



In each Term, Weekly tests for each subject shall carry a weightage of 40 marks per term.

Two Periodic Tests   – Weightage – 40 marks each Communication skills/Assignments & Projects  –       10 marks 

Terminal – 100 marks 

TOTAL                                           – 150 marks 

It is mandatory to secure 33% in all subjects ( both elective & optional ) , separately in Theory and practical for promotion to the next class. 

Note for classes X and XII

Reinforcement Examination will be conducted in July after summer break. Mid Term Examination will be conducted in the month of September.

Term II Examination will be conducted in the month of December. Pre-Board Examination will be conducted in the month of January. Annual Examination will be conducted as per the CBSE schedule.


  • Periodic Test shall be conducted on every Monday as per the schedule given.
  • Every student is expected to maintain in record at least 75% attendance during the academic session.
  • It is mandatory for the students to appear in the Terminal In case a student misses his / her Term Exam on medical grounds or any mishap in the family, the students will be tested for the same on a later date.
  • The exemption from weekly test shall be only on medical grounds or due to mishap in the family provided the leave application.
  • The application for the same must be submitted within 24 hours and medical certificate within 48 The medical certificate furnished must indicate the disease and the dates of rest period suggested. In case of contagious disease or prolonged illness medical certificate must indicate quarantine period.
  • No interim leave shall be granted on the test day. Students should refrain from coming to school in case of emergency.
  • No neutralization will be done in case the student misses the Weekly Test / Term Examination for any other In such cases the student be marked ‘ZERO’.
  • Promotion of a student to the next class shall be based on cumulative exam.
  • It shall be mandatory for the students to qualify in all major subjects.
  • For the students of Classes VI to X, the performance will be reflected in percentage and Grades as per the eight point scale given below:


Parents are requested to sign the performance card and return it within two days positively. In case of loss or damage of performance record a fine of Rs. 100 /- will be chargedNote: Examination Policy is subject to change as per CBSE directives.