Parent Teacher Connect

Every parent nurture a dream of a versatile development of his/her child. Parent- Teachers Meeting plays a very crucial role in the achievement of this goal. Regular interaction and discussions between parents and teachers strengthen the bond and provides a congenial atmosphere for the progress of the child’s personality, by acknowledging his/her aptitude and achievements. Such positive interaction can be highly instrumental in yielding rich dividends.

Open House Parent-Teacher Meetings are organized for better interaction between parents and teachers. The meetings must be attended regularly for a better and close rapport with the school and the teachers to thoroughly scrutinize the academic performance of the child. Parents should ensure regularity, punctuality and active participation of the child in school activities. Open house parent-teachers’ meetings shall be held on two Saturdays of the month and the parents would be given slots for the same. Parents are requested to abide by the time slots.

The date-wise schedule for the Parent Teacher Meeting shall be intimated every month by the class-teacher. Parents shall be informed about the same in advance. It is requested that parents must abide by the time slot allotted. In case any parent is unable to abide by the allotted time slot due to any reason, they must inform the class teacher well in advance to procure another date. In case any parent is late in reaching as per the timeslot, they can meet the teacher only after the meeting with the other parents is over. We request the parents to adhere to the time- schedule for better and effective interactive sessions.