Community Outreach

The school takes pride in initiating Community Outreach Programmes to – 

  • spread awareness in the community about the need to protect nature through environment friendly activities. 
  • motivate people and communities to stop/avoid/reduce actions that have a negative impact on environment. 
  • promote the road safety, to decrease and completely remove out the road accidents, road accident death and injury cases by   applying the   road safety measures      
  • encourage students for community service.  

The Cyclothon Campaign- Say ‘No’ to Plastic – Plastic pollution is adversely affecting the wildlife, humans and the environment at large. To bring an awareness on this serious issue the school organized a ‘CYCLOTHON CAMPAIGN’ for the students of classes IX –XI. Students pedalled around Sector – 4, Gurugram propagating the ill– effects and harmful impact of using plastics in day- to -day life. Through slogans on banners and placards they conveyed that how this non –biodegradable substance is slowly and steadily poisoning our planet. They took a pledge that they would stop using plastic and alert others also for the same. 

CLEANLINESS DRIVE – Students of classes VI – VIII took an initiative to clean the messy area of Ram Park, Sector – 4 and the school Campus which depicted their involvement of making our surroundings and environment clean. A group of students tried to convey a powerful message through a RAAHGIRI PROGRAMME where they actively contributed in sensitizing all on the need of Cleanliness through a Street Play showcasing about the current environmental issues and the best possible solutions which is the need of the hour. 

PARTNERSHIP      FOR    CHANGE-     THE YOUNG WARRIOR MOVEMENT PROGRAM – Thestudents proactively associated with the Young Warriors Movement which aims to engage over 5+ million youth with the right information and resources to fight and vanquish the spread of COVID-19 and accelerate a return to normalcy. Close to eighty students actively participated in the movement and persuaded their friends and neighbours, their known and unknown people and extended families to remain at home and stay safe. They hav2e also conducted ’Interactive Sessions’ in their spacious parks to support the seniors and become their vaccination buddy. The students successfully completed five tasks and received certificates from UNICEF.  They talked to people personally, drew posters to be put up on the walls of parks to motivate people to get vaccinated and encourage communities to maintain COVID Appropriate Behaviours.