” Coming back to school, after years of passsing out, feels like coming back home…”


Each and Every BBMS Alumnus



Students, past and present, are what any school is all about. Faculty and staff are vital as well, but 


students are unique in that they will forever fill a role—whether they are current students or long


graduated. It is easy to lose track of most graduates after they embark on their various careers, but


not with a school like ours, where the attachment only continues to grow.


For our educational institution, alumni forms a very important connect between the students still in 


school and the world of opportunities outside. Choosing to connect with alumni will help all of you, 


our dear students, gain perspective on the future options you have in mind.


They have first-hand  experience of student life at that university/ institute you dream of joining, 


which ranges  from the academic to the social. The alumni mentors can provide  career guidance,


encouragement during the academic program, advice on important course and field  work, and


opportunities to make professional  contacts. In addition, students build stronger connections to


the institution through interaction with alumni.


When these children,after having passed out formally, walk  through the corridors of the school,


the sense of belongingness that they feel is unmatched. It works to reinforce the reputation of the


school as well, as when these holistically developed  children move out  into the world, they create


a status for themselves with the name of the school   forever attached with them.


We, at Blue Bells wish to welcome each alumnus back to school to share his/her memories,


experiences and accomplishments,and remember that you  will always  have our support.




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