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Our Proud Parents

The Cyber Maze organized by the prestigious Blue Bells Model School, Gurgaon, in the first week of December 2014, was a propitious initiative taken by the school management, principal and the teachers.  The second master stroke was by inviting the parents of the students who study in the school, to judge the various events conducted during this week. By involving the parents more in the school activities, the school authorities have taken an admirable initiative.

I felt deeply honored and pleased as the school had invited me to judge two events.  I judged the skit competition and the finals of the app making contest. I was impressed by the amount of thought process, preparation, time and hard work, by the principal, teachers and students, had gone into making this event as a roaring success. The immense team effort was clearly visible and creativity left me awed.

The skits were very interesting and explored both positive and negative effects of this modern technology in our daily lives. Students acted well and made their mark. In the apps making finals, the ideas of each contestant were splendid. The apps covered a wide range from e learning to safe transportation to social networking to games.

To organize such an event for the entire week involving all the classes is a mammoth task in itself. But the dedication of the school management, principal and teachers and the discipline and involvement of the students made it into an event to be remembered for a long time. I, as a parent, look forward for more such events. All the best to the entire team of Blue Bells for your future endeavors.
Ms. Priya Kaul

Honored and Humbled

We were honored and humbled by the school’s hospitality. I wish you and your team great success!

As I mentioned, Cyber Maze was a nice event. Likewise, even in future more students should be given an opportunity to hone their skills at public speaking. Please continue to do/arrange more of such good work!  

Best Regards,